Security cameras coming to Muskegon Heights classrooms

Feb 25, 2013

Michigan's first school district operated by a charter school company will soon install video cameras to monitor all classrooms.

The Muskegon Heights Public School Academy board approved the policy at its meeting Monday night.

Alena Zachary-Ross is a Mosaica executive who serves as Superintendent of the charter district.

She says it's standard procedure for Mosaica schools to record classroom activities.
"In case you have to look back for incidents, or in case you want to review them, and again, it's not for teacher evaluation," Zachary-Ross said. "The purpose is, number one, for safety, and then with the model, sometimes there are conversations about behavior in the classroom or the educational plans."

Zachary-Ross says the cameras will not be monitored on a regular basis. She says they'll be stored for a year in case they're needed.