Senate OKs bill allowing Oakland Co. GOP to redraw commission lines

Dec 14, 2011

Democrats in the Legislature are calling on Republican Governor Rick Snyder to veto a bill that would change the Oakland County Commission’s district lines. The measure would reduce the number of commissioners. And it would take the job of reapportionment out of the hands of a bipartisan reapportionment board that’s currently led by Democrats. Instead, the county commission – which Republicans control -- would re-draw its own district lines.

Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer called on the governor to reject an attempt by Republican lawmakers to meddle in local politics:

“It’s about losing the game and then seeking to change the rules, and replaying the game after you have rigged results," Whitmer said. "It’s about messing with Michigan elections to ensure a better partisan result for your friends.”

The measure would only affect Oakland County.

Half a dozen Republican senators joined Democrats to oppose the measure.