Snyder might sign voter ID bill

Jul 12, 2012

Governor Rick Snyder’s recent veto of Republican-sponsored election changes may not be the final word on the matter.

The governor last week vetoed legislation that would have required people to show a state-issued ID and affirm their U.S. citizenship before they could receive an absentee ballot.

Geralyn Lasher is the governor’s communications director. She says the governor is not totally opposed to voter ID requirements.

“So, he, in his veto letter, explained to the House and Senate and indicated he’s happy to work with the House and the Senate to address some of the technical issues in the bills that were problematic,” she said. “His concern was that there’d be many people who would not check the box, would be citizens, and would spoil their ballots because of the new component. So he was concerned their votes would not count.”

But Lasher says he is open to re-fashioning the legislation.

Republican leaders in the Legislature say they’re looking to see if they can craft new legislation that the Governor would support.

Democrats and progressive groups say they wish the governor would let his vetoes stand as his final word on the matter.