Southgate couple plans to defy eviction, "occupy" their home

Dec 6, 2011

A Metro Detroit family says they’ll stay in their home, despite threats of eviction. Their action is part of a new initiative coordinated by the national “Occupy” movement.

Rob and Debbie Henry live in the Detroit suburb of Southgate. They got a mortgage loan modification after Debbie had a stroke and lost her job.

The Henrys thought they were following the terms of that process. But a confusing series of events ensued that included their loan being sold to Fannie Mae without their knowledge.

Now, the Henrys face eviction, but plan to defy orders to leave—something they see as an act of civil disobedience.

Debbie Henry says Fannie Mae has given them “no options” to stay in the house.

“We don’t want handouts. We don’t want anybody to hand us any money or anything. We want to pay for our home. But we want to keep it. There’s no reason for it to be in foreclosure. We were willing to accept whatever terms that they give us.”

Debbie Henry says they want to keep their house; but they also want to draw attention to what she says is often an unjust process.

“If we lose our home, we lose our home. But you know what? We brought awareness to everybody else’s problem.”

In the meantime, the Henrys are trying to work things out with Fannie Mae. But  they say no one has returned their calls.