State changing the hiring rules for Michigan's emergency financial managers

Jan 23, 2013

The state Treasury Department is changing the rules for people hired by emergency financial managers.

Barnett Jones was hired last year as Flint’s Public Safety Administrator by the city’s emergency manager.  He resigned earlier this month after it was discovered he had a second full time job as the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department security director.

To avoid having that happen again, the state Treasury Department is inserting language in future contracts that says emergency financial manager appointees can not engage in other employment, unless approved by the EFM.

A written statement from the Treasury Department says Emergency Financial Managers would also face restrictions from taking a second job.

There are currently five Michigan cities and three school districts being run by emergency financial managers.        The governor can appoint an emergency financial manager to take over control of local government and school districts in Michigan, if it’s determined it’s facing a ‘fiscal crisis.’