State health official: No flu vaccine shortage in Michigan

Jan 15, 2013

Michigan Health officials say there is not a shortage of the flu vaccine.

Angela MinicuciĀ  is the spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Community Health, and she says while there is enough vaccine, some people may have to wait a few days to get the shot at their local pharmacy.

"There's an unusually high demand at this point in the season than we typically have," she said.

"So, a variety of retailers, whether it beĀ  pharmacies or a local clinic, some of them may be out of their stock of the flu vaccine. That said, manufacturers still have plenty of vaccine available."

Four children in the state have already died from the flu this season. Minicuci says it's difficult to know how many adults have died because states don't need to report adult flu deaths.

Minicuci says 338 cases of the flu have been reported to the MDCH, but she stressed that most cases aren't reported.