State officials try to head off possible propane shortage this winter

Aug 18, 2014

It’s warm today, but state officials are urging Michiganders who use propane to heat their homes and businesses to act now and fill their tanks.

10% of Michiganders use propane to heat their homes and businesses.
Credit propane.pro

In January, Governor Snyder declared an energy emergency. Propane supplies had dropped after farmers were forced to use a large amount of propane to dry soggy crops during the previous fall.

The polar vortex forced temperatures down and people turned up their thermostats to heat their homes.

High demand & low supply =a shortage of propane. 

What propane was available was selling for nearly double its usual price in some parts of Michigan. That lasted for several months.

State officials don’t want a repeat of that this winter.

They’re urging the ten percent of Michiganders who rely on propane to fill up their tanks now and lock in prices with dealers.

State agencies plan to monitor propane supplies this winter to better react to supply issues.