State Senate unanimously passes Blue Cross overhaul without abortion language

Jan 31, 2013

The state Senate Thursday unanimously passed an overhaul of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

The measure was unexpectedly vetoed by Governor Rick Snyder last month because it included some controversial abortion language. Lawmakers recently reintroduced the legislation without the abortion measure.    

State Senator Joe Hune said he expects it to take longer for the bills to get through the House.

“I’m so eager to get this stuff done, because we’ve worked on it for probably the better part of a decade. You know, I’ve talked with Chairman (Pete) Lund and he’s got, I think maybe eight new committee members in the House Insurance Committee. So it’s going to take a little bit of time,” Hune said.

Under the legislation, Blue Cross could choose to be regulated the same way its competitors are. In return, it would start paying state and local taxes.       

Some critics of the plan say it could lead to higher rates, especially for some seniors on Medicare.