Stateside for Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

A wave of nonprofit community hospitals has been selling out to large health care systems over the past four years.

For-profits promise to bring a significant amount of cash to hospitals and the people who live around them, but what does consolidation mean for what you will pay for health care?

We look at recent hospital acquisitions in Michigan.

Also on today’s show, a renowned artist who is legally blind has been helping visually impaired kids in the Detroit area discover that they can make art. As his 15-year involvement with the program comes to a close, we talk to University of Michigan professor Sadashi Inuzuka about the future of the art workshops.

But first on the show today, new data is out on Michigan's first, and very controversial wolf-hunting season. Mlive’s John Barnes dug through the results.

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