Stateside: A team's resilient owners and fans

Oct 29, 2012

"It's really been an incredible season."-Denise Ilitch

As a collective groan of disappointment issued last night from Detroit, Tiger fans were left to focus on the positive moments of the past seasons. They still have a lot to be happy about.

The San Francisco Giants concluded their sweep of the Tigers last night in a 4-3 victory. Regardless of their team's defeat, many Tigers fans expressed their gratitude for a great season.

Denise Ilitch, daughter of Detroit Tiger’s owner, Mike Ilitch, spoke with Cyndy about the team’s impressive year.

“Although disappointed we lost the World Series, we are proud of our team,” said Ilitch.

Fans are a source of great encouragement to both the Ilitch family and their team.

“Our fans are phenomenal. Our family started as fans, we have been fans for a long time. We’ve got great players to watch. Miguel Cabrera made history this year. It’s really been an incredible season," said Ilitch.

While the post-season festivities may be over, fans will wait, eagerly anticipating the coming spring’s first pitch.

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