Stateside for Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jul 29, 2014

  Today on Stateside:

·         August 5th is primary election day in Michigan. Jack Lessenberry and Nolan Finley joined Stateside to talk about criticism, not just about who is on the ballot, but who is not on the ballot. And about the mediocrity of some of those on the ballot.

·         Detroit has a bright history. Today we talked about the city’s lighting revolution.

·         How do you lose $9 billion? Ask the Stroh family about their failed beer brewery.

·         Algal blooms in Lake Erie are dangerous and spreading fast.

·          GM's corporate culture is in need of a makeover.

·         We’ve heard all about how GM is handling recalls, but how do the recalls affect the dealers?

·         August 5th is the primary election, so we talked to Raymond G. Mullins about his campaign for the 12th congressional district.

*Listen to the full show above. Lester Graham will be hosting for Cynthia Canty this week.