Techno music has its roots in Detroit

Feb 2, 2015

Detroit is the birthplace of techno music. Its creator is Juan Atkins, known as the “godfather of techno,” and after more than three decades in the scene, he’s still performing and making new music. Stateside’s Emily Fox spoke with Atkins about the legacy of Detroit techno. Atkins' latest album, under the name “Model 500” is out today. It’s called “Digital Solutions.”

Juan Atkins
Credit www.discogs.com

 Atkins said techno and electronic music are synonymous.

“It was music born out of technology basically, and produced from all electronic instruments and also computers and sequencers and drum computers and everything that developed out of the technological movement,” he said.

While techno has its roots in Detroit, it took longer to take off in the United States than it did in Europe. Atkins attributes this to the way the music industries differ in the U.S. and Europe – the U.S. has larger, more multi-national companies in its music industry than Europe does. Change, therefore, takes longer.

Nonetheless, Atkins stays in Detroit.

“When it comes to music, specifically electronic music, the atmosphere is unmatchable anywhere else. I mean, Detroit is like no other place in terms of creativity.”