Toyota recalls 52,000 Prius hybrids

Jun 1, 2011

Toyota has issued another recall, this one due to steering issues in its first generation Prius hybrids.

If the steering wheel is turned as far as it can go repeatedly and rapidly, Toyota says the nuts holding the steering shaft in place might get loose and make it harder to turn left.

The recall is for 2001-2003 Prius models and involves 52,000 hybrids nationwide.

Bill Visnic. an analyst with edmunds.com, says it’s been a rough couple years for Toyota in terms of recalls:

"Particularly because of how much publicity that they had last year about the unintended acceleration, any recall right now for Toyota certainly isn’t a good one. But really in the context of how most recalls operate, this one appears to be very minor."

Toyota recalled millions of vehicles last year to deal with unintended acceleration problems.

The current recall involves 106,000 Prius hybrids globally.