Toyota Sales up 31 Percent

Nov 13, 2012

Toyota is enjoying big sales for cars and trucks.  That’s a tremendous rebound from the start of 2012.

This month Toyota’s car and truck sales are up 31 percent over a year ago.

That’s hard to imagine compared to earlier this year - when there was a string of Prius product recalls, and the company struggled to recover from tsunami-related production delays. 

Toyota’s new Vice President for Sales, Marketing and Customer Care is Bill Fay.  He says Toyota's success starts with customer loyalty.  “I think the combination of that, along with some of these new products that we’ve introduced that have done very well, and the strong dealer body that we have that does a great job with our customers, is a pretty good combination that’s really led the recovery this year.”

Fay was in Ann Arbor introducing the 20-13 Avalon, which he says should attract those loyal Toyota buyers. 

–  Chris Zollars.