Traverse City may lose its federal courthouse

Mar 22, 2012

The federal courthouse in Traverse City is on a list of 60 nationwide that may face closure.

The federal government is considering closing up to 60 courthouse across the country as part of an effort to cut costs.

Documents obtained by The Associated Press show federal courthouses facilities in 29 states could be on the chopping block.   Many of the court sites are in rural areas and critics say closing them could make it more difficult for people to get to court proceedings.

Six of the 60 courthouses that could be closed are in Arkansas.   Texas and Georgia each have five sites on the list of possible closures.   Officials are even considering shuttering the court site in Alaska's capital city of Juneau.

Traverse City’s courthouse is the only one on the list in Michigan.

The government ranked the court sites that could close based on categories such as usage and location.