Trump supporters wait in the rain for a chance to see the candidate

Sep 30, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is in Michigan today. People lined up in the rain hours before Trump is scheduled to speak at a venue in Oakland County.

Lisa Gustin has been to five Trump events, including one in Toledo, Ohio. This time she brought her 14-year-old son, Gabriel.

Gabriel can’t vote yet, but says he’s active because he likes the Republicans’ vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence

“I’m in it because I’ve been into politics since I was born practically.”

The subject of jobs has been a talking point in this this election. Linda Williams is a small business owner in Brighton. Williams says she likes that Trump runs businesses.

“And I think Michigan over these years has gotten into terrible shape and I think we need someone that cares about the people.”

Trump was scheduled to speak at 5 p.m. A Detroit News poll shows Trump is trailing in Michigan, but supporters say his message on trade has appeal to blue collar voters.