This twenty pound carp could be your new Ann Arbor city council representative

Nov 1, 2013

You read that right.

A twenty pound carp that was pulled out of a pond in Ann Arbor's West park last November is making a run for city council.

The face of your future city council representative? Only time will tell.
Credit Natural Area Preservation staff

The carp was initially removed from the pond because it was destroying the ecosystem.

Ann Arbor Natural Area Preservation workers relocated it to the Huron River, where it is now running a write-in campaign for Ann Arbor City Council.

The carp has not yet responded to our interview requests, but it has engaged with other media outlets and even some current Ann Arbor City Council members on Twitter. (I suspect the carp has hired a social media director -- tweeting with fins seems difficult.)

The carp says the campaign is going well, and even has yard signs posted around town.

The carp says it's concerned with public accessibility, business development, and Ann Arbor's relationship with the University of Michigan.

And it threatens legal action if the council doesn't make proper accommodations (i.e., a tank) should it be elected. 

But the Ann Arbor City Council shouldn't be too afraid of a lawsuit -- the carp's lawyer is a duck.

We'll be watching the carp's campaign closely. Let us know if you hear from it.

And Mr. Carp? Feel free to drop us a line.

-Sarah Kerson, Michigan Radio Newsroom