UAW celebrates new GM investment in Flint and Bay City

General Motors formally announced today that it is investing more than 160 million dollars in plants in Flint, Bay City and in Defiance, Ohio.

 The three plants produce components for the Chevy Volt, Cruze and a third unnamed Chevrolet small car.

 Bill Jordan says GM’s announcement is an early "Christmas present.”   Jordan is the president of United Auto Workers local 599.    He says GM’s investment shows workers are doing the job right. 

 "And they have proved to the corporation...that the investment here is good," says Jordan, "The cooperation between the management team and the hourly workforce is what has made it possible to get this additional investment.    We’re going to continue to do what we do.’"  

  GM officials expect to expand production of powertrains for Chevy Volts and Chevy Cruzes in Flint early next year.