UM recruit injured in plane crash that kills father & step-mother

Jun 26, 2011

A University of Michigan basketball recruit is fighting for his life after surviving a second plane crash. Sixteen-year-old Austin Hatch is currently in the hospital after surviving a plane crash on Friday that killed his father and stepmother.

In 2003 Austin survived a plane crash that killed his mother and two siblings. The young man went on to become a successful basketball player and was recruited by the University of Michigan for its 2013 team.

In both of the plane accidents, Austin’s father, Dr. Stephen Hatch, was the pilot. On Friday, the doctor and his wife, Kim, were killed when their single-engine plane flew into a garage near the Charlevoix Municipal Airport.

A federal investigation found Dr. Stephen Hatch partially responsible for the 2003 crash in Indiana. 

(From the Associated Press)