Unions spend the weekend working to stop 'right to work' bills

Dec 10, 2012

Opponents of so called "Right to Work" legislation labored over the weekend to attack what they see as an assault on unions.

We Are Michigan, a coalition of unions and related groups, held a news conference Sunday featuring small business owners who oppose the Right to Work legislation expected to pass the Michigan legislature this week.

Unions complain the legislation would weaken organized labor in Michigan.

Chris Jordan runs an insurance company and is a union member.    He says Right to Work laws will hurt small businesses and Michigan’s middle class.

“In taking away that ability for people to earn more money….it just kind of hurts the middle class,” says Jordan, ‘Michigan needs to continue to strengthen local economics…not find new ways to drive the middle class into a ditch.”

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce supports the Right to Work legislation, insisting it gives workers more choice and should help attract new business to Michigan.