UPDATE: Bay City water use restrictions lifted

Aug 12, 2014

UPDATE  3:50pm

Water use restrictions in Bay County have been lifted.

A major water main break in Bay City leaked nearly 20 million gallons of water since Saturday.

Bay City officials on Sunday imposed strict water use restrictions on more than 90,000 people in Bay County.

The source of the leak was found late Monday.

The water use restriction that was in place allowed the water treatment plant to restore its reserve to an acceptable and safe operating level.

Now that they have enough water, city officials have lifted the last of the restrictions. 


Bay City officials have ended a local state of emergency created after a major water main break caused the loss of nearly 20 million gallons of water during the past few days.

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

But the city is still asking people to conserve water.

City crews finally found the source of the leak Monday afternoon. An old water main was leaking into a storm drain near the Saginaw River.

Since isolating the pipe from the rest of the water system, Bay City’s water reserves have been slowly climbing. But a non-essential water use ban is in effect. People are asked to not water their lawns, fill their pools or wash their cars at home.   

The city is allowing businesses to once again use water.

The remaining water use restrictions on more than 90,000 Bay County residents will be lifted after Bay City’s water reserves are fully replenished.