Voters to decide if another Lansing city park may be sold

Aug 6, 2012

Lansing voters will decide Tuesday if they want to put for a ‘For Sale’ sign on a large chunk of city park land.


Back in January, the Lansing city council agreed to let voters decide whether to keep the old Waverly Golf Course or put the 120 acres up for sale.

The proposal has drawn criticism from people who say the park is a community asset.

But five years ago, the city closed the golf course and allowed it to “naturalize”, as city budget cuts have cut back on maintenance.

If voters say ‘Yes’ on Tuesday, Waverly will be the second Lansing city park to be available to developers in the past year.

The city is currently reviewing proposals to develop a 12 acre section of the former Red Cedar golf course.   Lansing city voters approved putting that park land on the block last November.