Washtenaw Community College students help discover priceless Roman artifacts

Aug 29, 2017

Every study abroad program offers a chance at discovery. You get to explore a different country and its unique cultural traditions, history, and cuisine.

A group of students from Washtenaw Community College (WCC) took that discovery to a whole new level when they uncovered priceless Roman artifacts during an archaeological dig at an ancient Roman fort in England.

WCC anthropology instructor Christopher Barrett and WCC student Kim McGinnis were both on that dig. They joined Stateside today to explain exactly what they found, and what being the first person to touch an artifact in almost 2000 years feels like.

McGinnis said whenever she saw one of the dig leaders acknowledge something the students found was of historical value, her "heart really got racing."

"You just get so excited," McGinnis said. "It's incredible. Just incredible."

Listen above.

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