Washtenaw County is holding gun safety week to reduce gun violence in Michigan

Jun 21, 2016

Washtenaw County officials are calling on the United States to reduce gun violence as part of the county's gun safety week. 

The safety week isn't meant to address the gun control debate, but to raise awareness about gun safety in Michigan. 

Gene Kopf is the father of Abigail Kopf, one of the survivors of the Kalamazoo shooting in February. 

He wants the United States to focus on eliminating gun violence, but doesn't think banning all guns is necessary.

"I challenge the United States to develop the lowest rate of gun violence of any country on the planet in the next decade," Kopf says. 

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell wants the United States to focus on reducing day-to-day gun violence and not just on mass shootings.

"More people are dying from abuse and from accidents than they are in these horrific things that capture our heart and soul as a nation," Dingell says. 

Law enforcement agencies in Washtenaw County are also giving away free gun locks this week to lower the number of accidental shootings.