Wayne State, Univ of Windsor create joint environmental law clinic

Feb 25, 2011

About a dozen law students from Detroit and Windsor will have a chance to work together on environmental legal issues.

The law schools at Wayne State University and the University of Windsor will team up this fall to create North America's first  transnational environmental law clinic.

Nick Schroeck is with the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center, and he directs the Environmental Law Clinic at Wayne State. He says the students will tackle issues important to both Michigan and Canada, like Great Lakes water quality, air pollution and invasive species.

"Oftentimes you’ll see groups in Michigan commenting on Michigan projects, groups in Ontario commenting on Ontario projects, but there isn’t always a lot of overlap. So we’re hoping to really drive a regional perspective through this international lens."

Schroeck says the law students will take on cases in both Michigan and Canada, as well as work to develop and strengthen environmental policies in both countries.