Week in Review: Study says oil leak would cost state billions and DMC cuts ties with Wayne State

May 5, 2018

On the Kalamazoo River just downstream from the confluence of Talmadge Creek. Around one million gallons of tar sands oil spilled into the river in 2010.
Credit Mark Brush / Michigan Radio

A new study says Michigan's economy would take a big hit if there was an oil spill in the Mackinac Straits. A Michigan State University professor estimates a spill could cost the state's economy more than $6 billion. Enbridge Energy says the study is "flawed" and based on "unrealistic estimates." This Week in Review, Weekend Edition host Rebecca Kruth and senior news analyst Jack Lessenberry discuss the study's potential impact.

They also talk the Detroit Medical Center's decision to cut ties with Wayne State University, Matthew Schneider's re-appointment as Detroit's top federal prosecutor, and a new study that says most Michiganders want the state to spend more on public higher education. 

ED NOTE: Enbridge Energy is a corporate sponsor of Michigan Radio