What do you know about H2O?

May 9, 2013

Drink up! It’s national Drinking Water Week.

This week, the nation celebrates good old H2O, which just this year knocked out pop — or soda, if you prefer — as the number one beverage in the United States.

But as health-conscious Americans rejoice in the rise of water-drinking across the country, we wanted to know — where did your last drink of water come from? And do you really know the quality of that water?

Mark Kurlyandchik dives into the subject of water in the May issue of "Hour Magazine," with his piece “Ebb and Flow: Demystifying Drinking Water.”

Mark joined us in the studio today and gave us a peek into the surprising story behind America’s relationship with water — from the bottled-versus-tap debate, to the pre-Revolutionary War history of bottled water.