What does your winter look like on Instagram?

Feb 11, 2014

What does your winter look like?

Bonfires, snowsuits, and a ton of really spicy food to keep warm? Maybe it's something less picturesque, like wearing long underwear and four pairs of socks. 

We are asking listeners across the country (and around the world) to show us what winter looks like.

Michigan Radio is joining Southern California Public Radio (@KPCC on Instagram) and NPR (@NPR) as a contributing member station to the Public Square project. Check out previous themes for the project here

We want you to share your winter with Michigan Radio on Instagram. 

How it works

Include a caption explaining your photo and where it was taken. As NPR put it, "we want more than a pretty photo. Your words are equally important."

Use the hashtag #PSWinterWhere in your caption to be a part of Public Square. Your photo may be featured on our website or on NPR's Picture Show.

Submissions posted in the next two weeks will be included in the project. 

Show us what your winter looks like.

Follow @michiganradio  and @NPR on Instagram to see our favorites.

-- Lucy Perkins and Mark Brush, Michigan Radio Newsroom