What this election means for low-income families

Oct 31, 2012

After months of political rancor and over $2 billion raised, the 2012 presidential race is almost over. Yet with only six days left until Election Day, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have largely ignored the issue of poverty.

So State of Opportunity's Jennifer Guerra decided to do some investigating and find out how both candidates plan to address poverty if elected. 

In her new story, Guerra focuses on three areas thought to have the biggest impact on children and families living in poverty: education, healthcare, and tax policy.

Guerra covers a lot of ground in her story, speaking to policy experts from nonpartisan and right-of-center think tanks. She also speaks to children, many of whom stand to be affected by policy changes to education and healthcare.

To learn more about the candidates' plans to combat poverty - and to hear political opinions from second graders in Wayne County - visit State of Opportunity

Choosing which presidential candidate to support isn't the only decision voters in Michigan have to make this election season, though. Read Mark Brush's story to learn more about the six proposals on the ballot next week.

- Jordan Medina, Michigan Radio Newsroom