What would it take to make Detroit a new fashion hub?

Oct 8, 2013

When you think “fashion,” what are the first cities to pop into your mind?

New York? London? Milan? Paris?

No one will dispute those cities’ claim to being fashion hubs.

But there’s a passionate group in the style and fashion community that says Detroit can be a fashion hub, and a great place for designers to make a mark.

Karen Buscemi is the editor of StyleLine magazine. She’s also the founder and managing partner of the Detroit Garment Group Guild. Their motto: “Keep Michigan Talent In Michigan.”

To that end, the Detroit Garment Group Guild recently held FashionSpeak2013, a one-day networking and conference for Michigan’s fashion industry.

Buscemi talked to us to get a sense of what exactly Detroit’s burgeoning fashion scene looks like. 

Listen to the full interview above.