Young volunteers band together to help homeless youth in Detroit

Aug 4, 2016

Helping the homeless often comes from the hands of policymakers or researchers, rather than from one young person helping another. A new Detroit-area project hopes to make that change with a group of young volunteers aiding homeless youth.

Help Bring Hope is a volunteering project founded by Lena Juratli, a recent graduate of International Academy High School. The group has a one big goal: to help every homeless kid in America, starting with Michigan.

“Is that ambitious? Yes,” Juratli told Stateside. “But do I think it’s possible? Yes.”

And so far, things are looking good – student volunteers have delivered over 12,000 items to homeless youth shelters in the Detroit area.

Juratli joined Stateside to discuss her vision for Help Bring Hope and its volunteers.

Lena Juratli is a graduate of International Academy High School and the founder of Help Bring Hope.

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