Snap Judgment

Saturday afternoons at 2:00 p.m.
Glynn Washington

Snap Judgment is a themed, weekly NPR storytelling show. Snap Judgment focuses on presenting compelling personal stories about extraordinary and defining events in people's lives - mixing tall tales with killer beats to produce cinematic and dramatic radio.

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  • Friday, July 18, 2014 5:23am

    From NPR and PRX, Snap proudly presents, “Saved.” Amazing stories of real people snatching victory from the jaws of calamity.


  • Friday, July 11, 2014 4:53am

    Ice up, son.  On  the next all-NEW Snap Judgment  it's about to get all black and blue.  From PRX and NPR, we proudly present..."Striker"

  • Thursday, July 3, 2014 8:43pm

    It's summertime. Nothing better than going to the woods, setting up your tent... and at nightfall, it's time to tell scary stories. On Snap Judgment, from PRX and NPR, we proudly present "Campfire Tales."

  • Friday, June 27, 2014 4:53am

    It's an all-NEW Snap!  You know them. You feel them coursing through you. You are them and they are you.  From PRX and NPR, we proudly present "Bloodlines."



  • Friday, June 20, 2014 4:53am

    On the next Snap, we are letting our curiosity get the better of us. From NPR and PRX, Snap Judgment proudly presents... "Contents Unknown."