GM plans to layoff 2,000 employees

Nov 10, 2016
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General Motors says it will layoff more than 2,000 employees while making investments in current plants. According to a statement released on Wednesday, the company said the layoffs stems from a customer shift from cars to crossover and truck vehicles. As the customer shift from cars to crossovers and trucks is projected to continue, GM will suspend the third shift of production at both facilities in the first quarter of 2017. GM said it will cut 810 hourly and 29 salaried employees in at its...

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A small Michigan company has a big goal: to retrofit thousands of cars a year to run on propane. Albert Venezio is the Chairman of Icom North America based in New Hudson. According to Venezio, some of the advantages of running a car on propane include: Approximately 50% emission reduction Zero particulate matter 100% U.S. fuel source 30%-50% reduction in fuel cost Extension of service life in vehicle


Are you ready to let your car do the driving? Once we thought of the self-driving car as something from science fiction. But technological breakthroughs have been coming at ever-increasing speeds. Google expects its driverless car will be ready for consumers in the next 3-5 years. GM thinks intelligent vehicles will be on the roads by 2020. Ford predicts 2025. And researchers at the University of Michigan are making sure the Great Lakes State is front-and-center in developing and testing the connected vehicle technology that is essential to the self-driving car. The director of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, Dr. Peter Sweatman, and Richard Wallace, the director of Transportation Systems Analysis for the Center for Automotive Research, joined us today to talk about the future of transportation. Listen to the full interview above.

I think its no secret that reporters get unsolicited gifts in the mail or at posh press events from time to time. Thats especially true for reporters on the auto beat. A bunch of auto beat reporters a couple years ago (not me) got I-Pads in the mail. Im pretty sure they were returned due to their various employers ethics policies. No one has owned up to keeping one! Not all the gifts are that obvious in their attempt to curry favor. And some are flat-out hilarious. This is a gift I got...

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The average cost of gas in Michigan is $3.86. Thats nearly $1.00 more than it was this time last year. Nancy Cain is a spokesperson for Triple-A Michigan. She says generally prices dont go up this much so early into spring, but this is our 8 th weekly increase, and were seeing prices just going up. Cain says the price at the pump follows the crude oil price, which she says is topping $111-$112 a barrel. So thats up to a 2.5-year high. The Lansing area has the lowest average at around $3.76....

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Perhaps another sign that the 'Great Recession' is thawing. Lending to people with a so-so credit score is on the uptick - at least in the car market. The Associated Press reports "the percentage of loans going to subprime buyers rose 8% in the third quarter, their first year-over-year increase since 2007, according to a report issued Tuesday by Experian , a credit reporting agency." Banks and auto financing companies are feeling comfortable lending money to these kinds of consumers again...

Chrysler headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan.
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Today executives at General Motors announced they plan to add 1,000 jobs in Michigan. Now, Chrysler executives have announced they also plan to add 1,000 jobs. The Wall Street Journal reports: About 60% of the hires will be employed directly by Chrysler, while 40% will work through various contract agencies, said Lisa Wicker, Chrysler's recruiting chief. Most will be employed at the company's headquarters in Auburn Hills, Mich, she said. The automaker plans to hire engineers and other in high...