Trevor Mays tells us Intermitten is all about bringing tech-savvy and creative types together.
Courtesy of Trevor Mays

Technology and creativity are not mutually exclusive. They go hand-in-hand. That's the message of Intermitten . It's a conference happening this Friday and Saturday in Ann Arbor. The conference will be exploring all the ways that successful business efforts contain a healthy mix of creativity and technology.

Wish you were more creative? Try taking a walk

Jun 20, 2016
With exercises and effort, anyone can train their brain to be more creative, says Dr. David Fessell.

The Next Idea What is the mental fuel for innovation? What internal power plant do we tap into? Creativity. It drives innovation, collaboration, and in many cases, success. It involves everything from the everyday creativity of the hard­working woman who figures out how to make a pound of hamburger feed her family for a week, to the genius-­level creativity of Steve Jobs.

Punya Mishra

A Michigan State University professor is using ambigrams to explore creative ways of thinking and playing. " Ambigram is a way of writing words so they can be read in many ways." Punya Mishra is a Professor of Educational Psychology and Educational Technology. His designs are being displayed at the MSU Museum. The exhibition is called “Deep-Play: Creativity in Math and Art through Visual Wordplay.”

Michigan's future starts with new ideas

Nov 17, 2014

Americans love the next thing: the newest gadget, the latest fashion, and all manner of ground-breaking artistic creations. In fact, our entire worldview, economic system, and personal behavior are based on the idea that progress and growth is good. We are driven to be better and new. Ideas precede things. They happen first. The Next Ideas are ambiguous because they are realized sometime in the future for which we have no information now. These ideas can scare us because the unknown feels...

http://developingchild.harvard.edu / Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

March 16 is a big day for innovators, inventors and creators. That's the day that the United States will change it's patent system from the first-to-invent system of filing for a patent to the first-to-file system. For many companies and creative individuals, the pressure's on to take advantage of the current patent system before the big day. But will the change hurt or help businesses and universities? Michigan Radio's Cynthia Canty spoke with two University of Michigan professors: Bryce Piltz, an assistant professor in the Entrepreneurship Clinic, and Max Shtein, a professor in the Entrepreneurship Master's Program and in Materials Science and Engineering You can listen to the full interview above.

A new Michigan State University study finds that children who play video games are more creative. MSU researchers studied nearly 500 12-year-olds and found the more video games the children played the more creative they were in tasks such as drawing pictures and writing stories. The use of cell phones and the Internet appeared unrelated to creativity. Linda Jackson is a professor of psychology at MSU and the lead researcher on the project. She said the other worlds created in the video game...

Dani Davis

The creative process will take center stage at a conference this week at the University of Michigan . Theresa Reid heads up ArtsEngine at the University of Michigan, and she believes art making should have a higher profile at research universities: Some 1500 CEOs identified by IBM listed creativity as the #1 trait needed among its business leaders, so were looking to help enhance creativity among the undergraduates that attend U of M and across the country. To that end, Reid says the...