crosswalk ordinance


Ann Arbor mayor John Hieftje vetoed last week's repeal of Ann Arbor's crosswalk ordinance. This leaves Ann Arbor's controversial crosswalk ordinance unchanged. 

The ordinance  requires drivers to yield to pedestrians waiting on the curb to enter  a crosswalk as well as to those who are already in the crosswalk.

Ann Arbor City Council voted 6-4 to repeal the crosswalk ordinance on December 2.  Eight votes are needed to override the mayor's veto.  It doesn't appear there are enough votes for that.


Ann Arbor's City Council voted 6-4 Monday night to repeal its controversial crosswalk ordinance.  The rule requires drivers to stop if a pedestrian is waiting on the curb to enter a crosswalk.

But it looks like the rule won't change.

The Mayor of Ann Arbor, John Hieftje, says he will veto the repeal before it has a chance to take effect.

He thinks the current law makes things safer for pedestrians. 


The Ann Arbor City Council will vote tonight on whether to repeal the city's crosswalk ordinance.

State law requires cars to stop only after pedestrians have entered a crosswalk.

But the Ann Arbor ordinance also requires cars to stop for pedestrians who are waiting on the curb.

Councilman Stephen Kunselman (D-Ward 3) said the local ordinance creates unsafe conditions.