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Some Michigan state lawmakers are reaching out to Delta Airlines, in wake of Georgia officials dropping a big tax break for the air carrier.

Georgia Republican lawmakers stripped the airline of a $50 million tax credit after Delta dropped a discount for members of the National Rifle Association following the Florida school shooting.  The tax credit for jet fuel used by Delta at its main hub at Atlanta’s airport was part of a larger bill before the state legislature. 


Delta Airlines has changed a policy after an African American doctor raised concerns about discriminatory treatment by a crew member. 

Flight attendants are no longer required to verify the credentials of medical personnel who volunteer during in-flight medical emergencies.  Instead, they can rely on the volunteer's statement that he or she is a physician, physician's assistant, nurse, paramedic or EMT.

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Delta says its systems are now fully operational, but delays and cancellations will continue as the company recovers from the power outage.

Delta says some critical systems and equipment failed to switch over to backup systems after the outage, and it is investigating why that happened.

Affected customers will get vouchers for new flights.

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Wayne County Airport Authority

Humans are not the only ones in the airport who need a restroom between flights. That's why Delta Airlines and Detroit Metropolitan Airport today opened the hub's first relief area for service animals.

Nicknamed "Central Bark" by some airport staff,  the area has two grassy sections called "porch potties," with a sprinkler system to wash away waste. It even has a fake fire hydrant.

It means passengers in transit will not have to take their service dogs outside to do their business.

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Delta Airlines and Atlantic Southeast Airlines are being sued by two imams who were asked to leave a Delta flight last May (Atlantic Southeast contracts with Delta on some flights).

According to CNN, Masudur Rahman and Mohamed Zaghloul were cleared to board by TSA officials twice. The flight originated in Memphis and was going to Charlotte. Both men were wearing traditional Muslim attire.

The suit alleges that the pilot of the plane, after leaving the gate, returned to the gate and refused to fly with the men on aboard.

CNN reports a Delta manager tried to intervene on the men's behalf, but could not convince the pilot to fly:

From CNN:

The manager told the men that the pilot, "despite acknowledging that both plaintiffs were cleared to board, was personally objecting to the plaintiffs being on his flight. The pilot indicated that he believed the mere presence and perception of the plaintiffs on his plane would make other passengers feel uncomfortable."

Rahman and Zaghoul are seeking damages from the airlines through a trial.

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Delta Air Lines says some 2,000 workers have taken voluntary buyouts. In a cost-cutting move in response to high fuel prices, it will scale back its flight schedule more than planned this year.

The high cost of jet fuel was the main reason Delta's second-quarter net income fell by 58 percent compared to a year ago. It earned $198 million, or 23 cents per share. Fuel costs were up 36 percent.

At the same time, revenue rose 12 percent as Delta raised fares to try to pay the increased fuel costs.

Delta would have earned 43 cents per share if not for one-time items including severance costs and reducing its facilities. On that basis, profit was below forecasts.

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Delta Air Lines is planning to offer "voluntary early retirements and buyouts" to its workers.

The reason? Rising jet fuel prices.

From the Associated Press:

Delta Air Lines Inc. says it will offer voluntary early retirements and buyouts to its employees because it must shrink to cope with high jet fuel prices.

David Pope is an MP in the U.S. Navy
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A special lounge at Detroit Metro Airport is open for members of the military and their families traveling over the holidays.

David Pope checked into the lounge before his return flight to Okinawa, where he serves in the Navy. He says it’s nice to have a quiet spot away from other travelers to start the long trip: