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4:57 pm
Thu March 7, 2013

Weekly Political Roundup: Road funding, Earned Income Tax Credit, Detroit's future

State Capitol Building, Lansing, MI
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Each week we talk Michigan politics with Susan Demas, political analyst for Michigan Information and Research Service, and Ken Sikkema, former Senate Majority Leader and Senior Policy Fellow at Public Sector Consultants. Today we talk about transportation funding. Governor Snyder has called for $1.2 billion to address roads and transportation in Michigan, but there's no agreement in the legislature about how to get the money.

Plus, people are filing taxes and starting to feel the impact of some of the changes in the Michigan tax code, which includes the reduction in the Earned Income Tax Credit. Now a coalition is calling for the EITC to be restored, and Democrats in the House and Senate agree. What's next for the EITC?

And, as the Detroit City Council plans to appeal Governor Snyder’s decision to appointment an emergency financial manager for the city they are doing so without the support of Mayor Dave Bing who says it’s a fight they can’t win. Is he right?

8:31 am
Thu March 7, 2013

Commentary: Facing reality in Detroit

Some years ago, when the Green Party in Germany first had a chance to join a coalition government, there was a tremendous battle within the party between the purists and the pragmatists. The purists, who were nicknamed the “fundis,” felt that would be selling out. The practical politicians, called the “realos,” thought that by joining the government they could influence events and at least get some of their agenda enacted.

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5:11 pm
Mon March 4, 2013

The pros and cons of a Detroit emergency manager

Gov. Snyder announcing last week that he intends to appoint an emergency manager for Detroit.

Governor Rick Snyder's declaration that he is preparing to appoint an emergency financial manager to run the city of Detroit has made headlines on a national scale.

As the stories are filed and the headlines are written, the true impact of an emergency manager in Detroit is resonating in the streets and neighborhoods of the city where people's lives will be touched deeply by this historic change in Detroit's government.

Cyndy discussed two views of this question with Tom Barrow and James Hill.

Tom Barrow is President of the group Citizens for Detroit's Future.  He has also run for Mayor of Detroit three times -against Coleman Young in 1985 and 1989, and then against Dave Bing in 2009.  His name is also coming up as a possible mayoral candidate this year.
James Hill is the Detroit Free Press politics editor.  His column in Sunday's Free Press was titled "Teamwork, with and for the people, can remake city."

In his column, he wrote:

We are not second-class citizens, even though we often get second-class services. We want the same as people in Troy, Tawas or Sebewing. It's not about race, it's about basic human needs...and common sense.

Click the audio above to hear the full interview.