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Telling your landlord that the family pet is an “emotional support animal” – when it isn’t—could land you in jail. That’s if a bill introduced recently in the state Senate passes.

Emotional support animals are used to alleviate symptoms of disorders like anxiety or depression. (They are not the same as service dogs, who are trained to perform a specific task like opening a door or picking up the phone.)

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Learning disabilities are often invisible to everyone but the people who have them.

Eventually, though, the secret gets out. When that happens, it can be an incredibly emotional experience.

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A new state law bans the use of restraint or isolation to discipline students.


The law was recommended by a task force looking at reforms in special education. Students with physical or developmental disabilities are more likely to face the use of restraint or seclusion.


Advocates for special education students say harsh disciplinary measures have been used by teachers and administrators who did not know how to handle students with disabilities. Calley says the new law shows times are changing.