Dustin Dwyer

The struggles of Muskegon Heights school district

Jul 23, 2014
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Two years ago, Muskegon Heights made history by becoming the first school district in Michigan to convert entirely to a charter district, and turn the operation of its schools over to a for-profit company. This week, Michigan Radio's Dustin Dwyer and Lindsey Smith take an in depth look at the changes in the Muskegon Heights School district and what that could that mean for other troubled districts in the state in a new State of Opportunity documentary called Tiger Pride . Why focus on Muskegon Heights? How does it impact other struggling school districts in Michigan? Dwyer and Smith joined us today to give us a preview of the documentary. Tune in tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm to hear Tiger Pride .

Many little things can conspire to keep people from climbing out of poverty. Dustin Dwyer of Michigan Radios State of Opportunity project takes of look at some of them in his report, When Working Hard Doesnt Necessarily Get You Out of Poverty . He writes, life is hard for people in poverty. But, you still have no idea what its like to live with poverty day after day. Here are three things that the average middle class person probably doesnt worry about. If youve got a college degree, and youre on salary, would taking your daughter to school really be a major factor in losing your job? It was for the father Dustin Dwyer spoke to in his story. Losing your kids to the foster care system, not because you do horrible things, but because you dont have the resources. University of Michigan law professor Vivek Sankaran says that happens more often than youd think. Not being able to pay your parking tickets and losing your license.