5:10 pm
Wed May 23, 2012

Juvenile court competency standards would include mental health treatment

Anita Patterson MorgueFile

Michigan lawmakers are expected to vote next week on two bills that would create a system to determine the mental competency of juveniles who break the law.

Some troubled children in Michigan don't have access to mental health services until they wind up in court.

The state Senate  bills would let a prosecutor or a juvenile's defense lawyer ask for a competency evaluation. A judge would also be able to order an evaluation.

Michelle Weemhoff is with the Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency.

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5:00 pm
Wed May 23, 2012

Bills would tighten tort reform in Michigan

There's a bipartisan fight growing in the state legislature over Michigan's medical malpractice laws. 

In 1995, tort reform in Michigan made it more difficult to file a medical malpractice suit and get a jury trial. The law also put limits on monetary settlements.

Now a package of Republican-led Senate bills would further limit medical malpractice cases. Among other things, they would require proof that a physician's mistake was intentional.

The medical and insurance industries support the measures.

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4:58 pm
Wed May 23, 2012

Legislators move to exempt drink pouches from Michigan's bottle deposit law

A state House committee has voted to exempt drink pouches from the state’s 10-cent bottle deposit law. The pouches are made of plastic, aluminum, and paper. They are not biodegradable or recyclable. Harold McGovern is the president of a beverage wholesale company. He said there are environmental benefits to pouches.

"It's a fraction of the up-front emissions from the standpoint of a carbon footprint. More importantly, the emissions on the transportation cycle - whether it’s delivery to our warehouse, whether it’s delivery to stores - also has dramatic incremental savings because of the weight difference between aluminum, glass, and this pouch technology," said McGovern.

If the House bill becomes law, it would preempt a state Treasury determination that the deposit could apply to alcoholic drink pouches. Environmental groups say the state should not encourage packaging that’s not recyclable.

12:16 pm
Mon July 18, 2011

Michigan's Best campaign expands

Scott Schopieray Flickr

Some grocery store shelves are being filled with more Michigan-made products. Grand Rapids based Spartan Stores recently expanded its Michigan’s Best program by stocking more Michigan products in more stores. Spartan Stores started the Michigan’s Best campaign in 2009 to stimulate local businesses and farms. Alan Hartline is an executive at Spartan Stores. He says the campaign is great for Michigan.

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Election 2010
8:25 am
Tue November 2, 2010

Local election results

We've gathered up all the county election results sites in our listening area.

Click here to find your local election results

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Grading Michigan Schools
10:27 am
Thu November 29, 2007

Islands of Success at DPS

Nov. 29, 2007
Tracy Samilton
Detroit students score far below the state average in reading and math. But within Michigan's largest school district, a few schools are providing a high-quality education, despite the odds. 

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Grading Michigan Schools
10:58 am
Wed November 28, 2007

The Dropout Dilemma

Nov. 28, 2007
There are disagreements about just how bad the dropout rates are in many school districts. But what's being done to fix the problem?

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Grading Michigan Schools
11:08 am
Tue November 27, 2007


Nov. 27, 2007
Some parents have rejected the traditional school setting for their children's education. For unschoolers, the classroom is the world around them.

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Grading Michigan Schools
11:12 am
Mon November 26, 2007

International Baccalaureate Schools

Nov. 26, 2007
International Baccalaureate Schools teach the same curriculum all around the world. There is one in Michigan and could soon be more. 

Grading Michigan Schools
12:00 am
Fri November 23, 2007

Grading Michigan Schools: Charter Schools Help Education

Commentary: Charter Schools Help Education
Nov. 23, 2007
Andrew Coulson
The Director of The Cato Institute Center for Educational Freedom says public educators should not fear charter schools.

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Grading Michigan Schools
11:23 am
Mon November 19, 2007

Schools of Choice and Urban Districts

Nov. 19, 2007
Kaomi Goetz
State and local schools of choice programs are affecting large, urban school districts, but opinions differ on whether that's good or bad. 

Michigan created the schools of choice program in 1996 to give parents more options for their children's education. The program allowed parents to register their child in a neighboring school district without having to live there. But critics say school choice is decimating the state's large, urban districts.

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Grading Michigan Schools
10:10 am
Thu November 30, 2000

An Unschooler's Radio Diary

Nov. 30, 2007
Samara Freemark
Alyse Guenther is twelve years old, and she's an unschooler. We gave her a microphone and a recorder, and asked her to explain what that means.