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11:42 pm
Tue September 25, 2012

Dozens turn out for candlelight vigil for Amir Hekmati

Two people struggle to light candles in a light breeze before a candle light vigil for Amir Hekmati, a Flint man being held in Iran of charges of spying for the United States
Steve Carmody/Michigan Radio

A small crowd gathered on the Mott Community College campus last night in Flint.

They were there to show support for a local man held in Iran on charges he is a spy for the CIA.

Friends and family of Amir Hekmati took part in the candlelight vigil.    Hekmati was arrested on spying charges a year ago.  A U.S. Marine veteran, Hekmati was visiting his grandmother and other relatives in Iran, when he was arrested.   

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