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On Wednesday, October 9th, we asked a simple question of the 16 members of Michigan's congressional delegation, "Is meeting the Oct 17th debt ceiling deadline important to you? Why or why not?" You can see their responses below. We're updating this post as the responses come in.

In a news conference on Oct. 8, President Obama warned that "if Congress refuses to raise what's called the 'debt ceiling,' America would not be able to meet all of our financial obligations for the first time in 225 years."


Hands up everyone, who has just about had it with that expression “kicking the can down the road,” particularly as it is used over and over in talking about the national debt? Kicking that proverbial can down the road is why America is facing such a crisis with our national debt.

A group of concerned young Americans is hoping to inspire other millennials to learn more about the national debt and, in their words, “to reclaim the American dream,” so they formed a group called The Can Kicks Back.

Tonight they will be in Ann Arbor as part of what they’re calling the Generational Equity Tour, a very carefully nonpartisan event.

Nick Troiano is co-founder and national field director of The Can Kicks Back, and he joined us today in the studio.

Listen to the full interview above.

A recent report from Moody's suggests the future is very uncertain for public universities. Today we talked about the future of public universities in Michigan.

And, poet Keith Taylor stopped by the studios to introduce us to some Michigan must-reads for the month of October.

Also, despite our troubled economy, Michigan franchises are going strong. We spoke to DBusiness editor R.J. King about the 2013 Michigan Franchise Report.

First on the show, it’s Day Seven of the partial government shutdown.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is warning that lawmakers are “playing with fire” and he’s asking Congress to pass legislation to re-open the government, and to increase the nation’s debt limit.

Lew says President Obama has no intentions of linking either bill to Republican demands to change the health care law.

This comes as Republican House Speaker John Boehner rules out a House vote on a temporary spending bill without concessions from the President.

So, that’s where things stand as the government shutdown moves into its second week. Michigan Democratic Representative Dan Kildee joined us from D.C. to discuss the issue. 

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A coalition of Michigan business and political leaders is calling on Congress to deal with the nation’s financial problems now and not put off making difficult decisions.

The group is called Fix the Debt.    It's urging federal elected officials to reach a deal to avoid triggering automatic tax increases and spending cuts known as the ‘Fiscal Cliff’.

The group also says now is the time to make difficult decisions to reduce the national debt.