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"Telefunken!" from Facebook fan Chris B.
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Just about every day of the year has something for some niche group out there.

Do you like peanut butter? There's a day for that.

Don't like to wear socks? Wave your sock-free freak flag every year on May 8.

Today is our day. 

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With the news of the world's first "Tickle Spa" opening in Madrid last week, the BBC's James Coomarasamy spoke with Carrie Graham, a Laughter and Happiness Coach based in London.

Graham conducts laughter workshops in which participants are "pretend tickled" if they're not familiar with each other, and full-on tickled if they are.

Naturally, Graham had to try out a little tickle therapy on her BBC interviewer.

Have a listen:

Feel better? You can listen to the full interview from the BBC Newshour (click on chapter 10).

In case you missed it...

May 20, 2011
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Turn your radio dial to public radio and you're bound to come across some great stories and interviews. It's impossible to hear them all, but here are a few I caught in that last week that I thought I'd share with you.

Fresh Air - 'Book of Mormon' Creators on their Broadway Smash

The creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are known for making fun of just about everybody on their show.

Mormonism has been one religion that often seems to be a target of ridicule on South Park.

So when Stone and Parker decided create a musical about Mormons, I'd assumed it would be a musical that would take a cynical look at the religion - but it doesn't - from NPR's Fresh Air:

If you think the musical skewers Mormons, though, think again. Parker and Stone do challenge the literal credibility of the story of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But the Mormons they write about come across as lovable and optimistic.

"I don't think anybody would want to see a two-hour-long Mormon-bashing, and we wouldn't want to see that either," Parker tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross.

Stone and Parker said that in musicals, "everyone wants to see a piece of themselves up there."

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Here are a few stories that either I heard, my colleagues and friends heard, or pieces that our online friends found interesting on Michigan Radio this week.

(We want to hear about your favorites! Please add them to the comments section below)

In case you missed it...

Jan 28, 2011
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Michigan Radio broadcasts hundreds of stories, interviews, and commentaries every week (anyone care to tally them up? - my guess is around 600 pieces in one week).

Whether these pieces come from our local reporters, NPR's reporters, NPR shows, shows from American Public Media, Public Radio International, or the BBC, it's impossible to keep up with ALL the stories coming over the airwaves.