U.S. Senate

Federal Courts
12:01 pm
Tue December 14, 2010

Help Wanted: Federal Judge

There are two unique job openings in Detroit. How would you like to be a federal judge? The Associated Press reports:


Applications are available for people who want to become a federal judge in Detroit. 



. Carl Levin and Debbie


are asking a committee to advise them on two openings. It will be chaired by Detroit lawyer Eugene Driker. 

There are openings at the federal court in Detroit because judges Bernard Friedman and Arthur Tarnow have chosen to take senior status, which can reduce their caseloads. 

Wayne County Judge David Allen recently withdrew his name after more than a year of delay. Levin and


had recommended him to President Barack Obama but he was never formally nominated.  

Allen says the confirmation process in the


. Senate is "broken."   

Applications from Levin's office are due Jan. 24.

Dingell Wins
12:28 am
Wed November 3, 2010

John Dingell, Dean of the U.S. House, Will Keep His Seat (Again)

Congressman John D. Dingell won his 28th term last night. Here he's being sworn in by Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn in 1955.
John Dingell's website

John Dingell has declared his victory in a closer-than-expected race against Republican Robert Steele.  Dingell has served 56 years, and he will go on to a 28th term.