Meet Cynthia Canty

When Cynthia Canty embarked on her professional journey, she never thought broadcasting would become her life.  In fact, her first job out of the University of Detroit Mercy was as a Health Educator and Public Speaker for the American Cancer Society. As the speaking and media engagements mounted, so did the buzz about Cynthia Canty in the Detroit broadcast market.  “Producers kept telling me I should get into the business because I was so relaxed in front of the camera or microphone. It didn’t take me long to decide to go for it!”  

Reporting and broadcast news writing classes quickly led to her first job in the industry, working as a news anchor overnights at WMUZ-103.5FM. In just 9 months, Canty was invited to become the news anchor with one of the highest-rated morning shows in Detroit. She joined the legendary Jim Harper and Jerry St. James on WNIC-100.3.  It was during those years that Cynthia Canty became the first woman in the country to broadcast from her home while on maternity leave. Throughout the 80’s Canty continued to build a successful career as a news anchor and morning show personality.

By the latter part of the decade, Canty realized it was time to challenge herself and take a crack at television news. She began by hosting Morning Break and Newsline, public affairs shows on WKBD-TV. She also produced Ask The Governor, working closely with Michigan Governor James Blanchard on a quarterly program that gave viewers and audience members a chance to question the Governor. Once again, her inviting smile, engaging voice, curiosity and compassionate nature led her to the job she’d been aiming for: reporting and anchoring on WKBD’s Ten O’Clock News.

“The magic of broadcasting, whether in TV or radio, is in discovering stories, “Canty declared.  Whether it was discovering the life’s stories of the homeless people on Detroit’s streets, covering the issues and problems facing Detroit, interviewing notables in politics, business, health, science  and entertainment, or lighter fare such as discovering an ostrich farm in central Michigan, Cynthia Canty was equally at home.

Over the next decade, Canty filed countless stories as a medical reporter, general assignment reporter, consumer reporter and anchor. Her reporting and writing earned her many awards, including an Emmy and honors from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters, the Associated Press and the Detroit Press Club.

In 1998, Jim Harper called Canty with an invitation to come back and re-join him on his morning radio show, The Breakfast Club. “It was a no-brainer, “Canty recalled. “It was a chance to be home at night and on weekends with my family. And it was a chance to focus on the upbeat side of life. I got to practice my laugh again!”

Not long after that show ended, Michigan Radio approached Canty with the idea of creating a talk show for public radio listeners in Michigan. As a long time listener to public radio, Canty  is relishing the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with newsmakers, artists, thinkers, and the interesting people that make Michigan what it is. 

Cynthia Canty met her husband Sean while going to college in his hometown of Cork City, Ireland. She teasingly calls him “my permanent souvenir of my junior year in Ireland." They’ve been married over 36 years. The Cantys have two children. Their daughter Siobhan is a college sophomore. Son Brendan lives in Chicago with his wife Megan and their 1-year old son Liam.

“My kids have provided so much inspiration and so many stories over the years. Brendan was a theatre major, which really ignited my love of theatre. I’ve been able to take listeners to great shows here in Michigan, in New York and Las Vegas.” And daughter Siobhan, a student at Michigan State University, keeps Mom up to date with what’s hot on TV and in music.

In Canty’s spare time, she loves to travel, either with Sean or as a fearless “solo traveler”. And she never stops looking for those magical stories, whether through chance meetings with a World War II vet, Facebooking with her listeners or her voracious reading.

“I wake up every day so thankful for my life and the people in it,” declared Canty.

“I’m so excited to see where this next chapter in my life is headed, because this book I call life has sure been an astounding and beautiful whirlwind!”