Back to the mall for After Christmas sales

Dec 25, 2012

For Michigan retailers, Christmas is over and now it’s time to focus on After Christmas sales.

Analysts say the unusually long holiday shopping season, stretching from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, generated sales numbers only modestly better than last year.

Tom Scott is with the Michigan Retailers Association.     He says gift cards were a popular present this year.   Scott says many Michiganders will redeem their gift cards during the next few weeks and probably spend a little more as well.

“Which is one of the reasons that make (gift cards) attractive to the retailers is because the studies show people don’t just go in and redeem the card.  They actually do end up spending more or buying some other gifts they didn’t plan to buy," says Scott.

For that reason, Scott says many retailers now see the few weeks after Christmas as an important part of the holiday shopping season.