Detroit Consent Agreement process brought to a standstill

Apr 2, 2012

 DETROIT (AP) — A judge has issued a temporary order to block a state-appointed team reviewing Detroit's finances from meeting Tuesday.   The panel was expected to vote on a proposed "consent agreement". 

The order was issued late Monday afternoon by Ingham County Judge Joyce Draganchuk. 

The order brings to a standstill the process that was expected to result in a "consent agreement" for the city of Detroit.

The city council spent today discussing the possible agreement that would require painful budget cuts for the city of Detroit.   The alternative would be the appointment of an emergency manager.

Gov. Rick Snyder spokeswoman Geralyn Lasher expressed disappointment with the judge's order.  

"We are extremely disturbed by this latest ruling from the Ingham County Circuit Court." says Lasher, "We plan on appealing this ruling.  The question is if we are able to have an appeal through in time before the April 5 deadline for the Governor to take action as required by statute." 

Lasher says a "show cause" hearing is slated on April 11th.   She notes the governor has until April 5th to take action on Detroit's financial emergency.