The Detroit Zoo has a new polar bear named Tundra

Jun 28, 2016

On the polar opposite of an Arctic day, the Detroit Zoo officially introduced its newest guest on Monday: Tundra, a 29-year-old polar bear relocated over the weekend from the Indianapolis Zoo. 

"Tundra arrived over the weekend and is acclimating very well to her new environment, said Ron Kagan, executive director for the Detroit Zoological Society, in a statement. "She is sweet and curious and rather sprightly for an elderly bear." 

Tundra was born in 1986 at the San Diego Zoo. She joins two other bears in the zoo's Arctic Ring of Life exhibit: Talini, an 11-year-old female; and Nuka, a 14-year-old male. 

The zoo's statement says Tundra is one of the oldest captive polar bears, and the species' life span in zoos is typically in the range of 21 to 24 years.

The move is permanent, as the Indianapolis Zoo decided to close its polar bear exhibit to allow Tundra to live in an environment better suited to her needs. 

The Arctic Ring of Life, regarded as one of the best captive habitats for polar bears in North America, made for a logical and nearby choice.