Election in review

Nov 7, 2012

Credit User: Serfs UP ! / flickr

Presidential Race

President Obama won the state of Michigan and the nation

U.S. Senate

Democrat Debbie Stabenow was easily re-elected, defeating  former GOP Congressman Pete Hoekstra

U.S. House

1st District- Republican Dan Benishek leads Gary McDowell; results not final

11th District- Republican Kerry Bentivolio wins

14th District -- Democrat Gary Peters re-elected in newly drawn district

Ballot proposals

Proposal 1: Emergency Manager Law Referendum: REJECTED

Proposal 2: Collective Bargaining: REJECTED

Proposal 3: Renewable Electricity Standard: REJECTED

Proposal 4: Home Health Care Workers: REJECTED

Proposal 5: Tax Hike Supermajority: REJECTED

Proposal 6: The Bridge Vote: REJECTED