Flint school board sending deficit elimination plan to state today

Dec 12, 2011

The Flint School District will deliver its deficit elimination plan to the state today. But a long-time critic doubts the district’s administration will be able to make the plan work.     

State law requires local units of government that finish their fiscal year with a deficit to send a ‘deficit elimination plan’ to the Treasury Department. 

Friday night, a divided Flint School Board approved their district’s plan. The plan includes closing and consolidating schools, though which schools would be closed is somewhat unclear.  

David Davenport is a school board member who voted against the deficit elimination plan. He said he would rather see the governor appoint an emergency manager to run the district.   

“That would be the best thing to do because they are more qualified and they would have more funds to be able to come in and try to straighten this out," said Davenport.  

Flint schools superintendent Linda Thompson is confident the district can follow its own plan and eliminate its budget deficit, while improving educational opportunities.